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Computer Diagnostics and Repair

7BPC specializes in personal or business computer diagnosis and repair. We do our best to find any issues with your computer and find a way to explain to you what those issues are, in a language that you can understand. We also try to keep our pricing competitive, so that you keep coming back for your technology needs.


Most average computer users would say that their computer is much slower now that it was when they first purchased it. There are some easy explanations for this. They could include Viruses/Malware, Un-needed programs in your startup folder that are all running  in the background, Windows registry damage, corrupt programs or files, bad hardware (such as RAM, or Hard Drive, etc..),  and many more. 7BPC will help you find the source of the slow-down, and run a full PC Tune-Up to speed it back up and faster than it was when you purchased it.


Most of us have seen common Windows errors, or even the dreaded Blue Screen Errors. You don’t have to worry about what to do anymore. Give us a ring, and we’ll run some high-end diagnostics and technical troubleshooting to let you know what is causing it, and how we will fix it.


InfoWorld stated that Malware infects 30 percent of the computers in America. That is astounding.  So, you have a very good chance that your computer is infected, and you could possibly not even know it. Malware accounts for almost 1/3rd of all of our jobs!

WINDOWS, Mac OS, Linux

Every once in a while (and every other year IMO) it’s good to run a full Windows Operating System reload. This can be a daunting task, but we can help!  Here at 7BPC, we not only re-install Windows for you, but we can backup your data, Install Windows, restore your files and pictures onto your freshly installed computer, and we’ll make sure to install all of the important Windows Updates.  We make sure to only use the most up-to-date, and certified drivers for your components.  We can also include some needed programs such as Office, Chrome, Acrobat Reader, etc..   Once we are finished with everything, we  make sure to do a professional Disk defrag on your hard drive.

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