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Computer Diagnostics and Repair

Winning Tech Support For Our Beautiful Small Town!
Computer Repair, PC Repair

7BPC uses only the most sophisticated up-to-date hardware troubleshooting. We'll fix anything from a dying system fan to diagnosing a bad motherboard and more.

Laptop Repair, Software

Let us upgrade your version of Windows, Mac O.S, or Linux!  We also can update specific programs needed.

Network Design, Network Setup

Our Comp Tia Network+ Certified Staff has what it takes to design, setup, and maintain a small business or home network. We can configure it to run a business network with file and internet sharing,  or a basic home network. 

Malware Detection / Removal

Infected?  Scary alerts of infection show up randomly while searching the internet?  Don't panic yet.  We can diagnose and clean those pesky bugs from your computer.  Just please don't call that 800 number it suggests.....

Backup Solutions

A lot of us work with important documents or priceless pictures that would be extremely bad to lose! Let 7BPC setup a backup solution that works for you.  We can work with Cloud Backups, External Device Backups, RAID setups, and more. 

Data Restoration 

If you've EVER lost important documents or priceless pictures, you know the panic that comes with it.  At 7BPC, we have tools and hardware that can help retrieve deleted, or corrupted files and pictures.   Give us a call!

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